Weedin’ out

By | September 30, 2013

Picture this, Guilford, NY, July 1, 2013…my two-year-post-baby-body was a size six with a hefty muffin top.  Due to circumstance (my family moved in with my mother as part of our financial wellness program with the intent to raise a house next Spring) I found myself weeding the garden several times a week, sometimes for hours at a time.  There I was pulling, yanking and digging out the weeds in the large garden my mother has tended for the past two scores.  I thoroughly enjoyed giving the vegetables the privilege to consume all of the available nutrients from the soil and sun as well as the room to bear its fruit.  And in the process, I weeded off my muffin top – in less than a month it had literally melted away!

Now that fall is here and winter is bound to follow, I have been woodin’ out…preparing to burn this winter.