real unprocessed snacks

By | April 29, 2014

An administrative assistant by trade, a wellness writer by choice and don’t forget a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, gardener, aunt and farmer am I!  I know most of you fill similar roles and more.  So it’s understandable how the convenience of a vending machine is a luring way to get something down your gullet and fast.  But with a little bit of preparation your snacks can turn from chemical laden, highly processed, cell saturating, 10 year shelf life junk to a plethora of fresh nutrients that boost physical energy, immune function, brain function and satisfy your taste buds.

Grace’s real unprocessed snacks for this week:  zhena’s gypsy tea (my new favorite tea!), raw milk & honey (which makes my new favorite tea the best cups of tea that I’ve ever had!), vita coco coconut water, iced chamomile tea, synergy triology kombucha, walnut halves, apple & peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate bars

snack 2