Real Unprocessed Cleanse

By | January 21, 2014

This morning I’m doing a cleanse, a real unprocessed food cleanse.   I strive to incorporate this cleanse into my life 5 days a week.  My cleanse of choice is a big salad.  My big salad today contains baby mixed greens, red pepper (I love the sweetness it adds to salad), red onion, avocado, portabella mushrooms and raw cheddar cheese.  I chopped all of the vegetables into bite size pieces (and use baby greens) because one of my first world problems is that I detest having to bite off a piece of salad.  Give me a salad that comes in bite sized pieces and I’m totally happy. I’m doing my cleanse at breakfast so that my intestines have all day to work it out…!

A liquid cleanse comprised of juiced veggies and fruit can absolutely be yummy and healthy, especially if it’s replacing processed foods.  A liquid cleanse can provide a wealth of nutrients and be gentle on the digestive tract.  It typically leaves the person feeling lighter relative quickly.  Incorporating a liquid meal into your life can be a great weight loss/management tool.  But is this Jack LaLanne inspired concoction actually cleansing or is that word another food industry marketing trick, I mean tool?  Me thinks it’s the latter.

What is the difference between a whole food and a juice cleanse?  Mainly fiber along with substrates and co-substrates that exist in whole foods, many of which, science has yet to be able to identify.  Much of the identified micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals need to be attached to these unidentified substrates and co-substrates in order for optimal nutrient digestion and absorption to occur in the intestines.  Some of these unidentified substrates and co-substrates exist in the pulp that is left on the juicing room floor, decreasing nutrient bioavailability.

Fiber is the part of food that actually does the cleansing!  Fiber is a matrix of cells that are held tightly together with microscopic thread like substances.  It’s the part of food that is considered indigestible because it is not broken down by the stomach into itty bitty nutrients and absorbed.  Instead its job is to stay in tack, travel down the digestive tract and literally grab shit off the walls of the intestine and carry it down to the bowels for evacuation.  What exactly gets stuck to the sides of your intestinal walls?  Mostly refined flours and other icky, gummy processed food ingredients get stuck to your intestine walls.  The digestive tract is designed to not only absorb necessary nutrients but also to keep toxins out of the body.  As the toxins are desperately trying to gain access into intestinal cells to travel throughout the body and wreck havoc, the intestinal cells are working harder to keep the toxins out.  And along comes fiber and whisks that toxin away!  Also, meat digestion is a very slow process and can literally take days.  Fiber will help keep the meat moving along at a much better pace.

Fiber will keep you feeling fuller, longer.  And when you eat your cleanse in a whole food form the added fat from the dressing will also keep you satiated longer.

Whether you like to liquid cleanse or not consider adding a whole food cleanse into your diet for a cleaner you!