Product Review: Beyond Eggs for Cookies, the Steve Madden of emulsifiers

By | September 25, 2013

Beyond Eggs for Cookies is a new factory produced edible food like substance* being sold in Whole Foods.  The creators claim it’s a healthy substitute for eggs and is intended for use in cookie batter as an emulsifier (which holds all of the ingredients together).  This nutritionist says why wear the Steve Madden knock-off when the Manolo Blahnik is available at Target prices?

Beyond Eggs is touted as better, healthier and more economical than eggs in the product’s marketing campaign.  But what the marketing genius’ at Hampton Creek fail to realize is that 1. eggs already are a very economical whole food 2.  eggs are a healthy choice and 3. our bodies produce cholesterol!  Cholesterol production is based on your own unique cholesterol set point and changes depending on how much dietary cholesterol your body receives.  The less dietary cholesterol consumed, the more cholesterol your body will make and vice versa!

“Beyond Eggs for Cookies is the ingredient that represents what you already value.”  … I have no clue what this means and thus am unable to comment!

Hampton Creek also claims that chicken farming pollutes the air and requires “massive amounts of water and feed.”  When farmed the right way, chickens eat mostly foraged foods, require water but not in massive amounts and excrete garden gold – cow, horse or chicken manure which lends to the most luscious real unprocessed produce!

My verdict:  eat more real unprocessed foods and limit/avoid processed foods such as Beyond Eggs.


*I wish I could take credit for that gem, but Mr. Michael Pollen gets credit for this one!