Five tips to survive the holiday feast(s)

Most articles will tell you to count calories, eat less fat, take smaller portions, (or my favorite…) wear tight clothing to shame yourself into not eating, chew gum, don’t skip meals and on and on. Not only are these tips a really boring way to celebrate holiday parties and gatherings which always involve food, they… Read More »

Ebola hysteria, a Grace Benkovitz commentary

It is October 2014 and the current media frenzy is Ebola. It has just recently arrived in the US and there has been one fatality in the US and per The Wall Street Journal, 4,400 worldwide. The media has successfully terrorized US citizens and many are now afraid to fly on airplanes. Facebook is amiss with… Read More »

Oil pulling – Tried it, hated it? My trials and tips

I first heard about oil pulling earlier this year. Being a coconut oil freak and always looking to live as healthy as our human ancestors did, I was eager to give it a whirl. I researched and read several articles and gathered that loosely the directions were to swish 1.5-2 tbsp’s of coconut, olive or… Read More »

real unprocessed snacks

An administrative assistant by trade, a wellness writer by choice and don’t forget a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, gardener, aunt and farmer am I!  I know most of you fill similar roles and more.  So it’s understandable how the convenience of a vending machine is a luring way to get something down your gullet… Read More »

Real Unprocessed Cleanse

This morning I’m doing a cleanse, a real unprocessed food cleanse.   I strive to incorporate this cleanse into my life 5 days a week.  My cleanse of choice is a big salad.  My big salad today contains baby mixed greens, red pepper (I love the sweetness it adds to salad), red onion, avocado, portabella… Read More »