My peanut butter jar cleans easy.

By | April 3, 2016

This is what my peanut butter jar looks like after soaking in just plain water overnight and then rinsing with plain water.


Does your peanut butter jar usually have a greasy film that is nearly impossible to wash off with soap? Have you ever thought to yourself This peanut butter jar is so hard to clean so it can be recycled. Is it worth the soap, water and time?

So why does my peanut butter jar clean up with little effort and just plain water? Because of the ingredients, or rather lack thereof. Take a look at the list of ingredient on your peanut butter jar. The most popular brands of regular peanut butter generally contain sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils. And depending on the brand perhaps some monoglycerides and diglycerides. We are told that we are making a better choice by choosing Reduced Fat Peanut Butter. But the list of ingredients on these products are even worse and can include corn syrup solids, sugar, protein, hydrogenated vegetable oils, monoglycerides and diglycerides with added minerals and synthetic vitamins. The minerals and synthetic vitamins are added back into the peanut butter because the product is stripped of these when the fat is reduced. Also note that more sugar is added when the fat is reduced. The fat in foods adds flavor and texture. monoglycerides and diglycerides are added to give the reduced fat product a similar texture as the full fat product. Eating fat is not what is making us physically fat. Anyway, all of the unnecessary ingredients found in the most popular brands are what causes that greasy film that is nearly impossible to clean off.

Here is the list of ingredients from my peanut butter jar.


Peanuts and salt. Yes, I have to mix the peanut oil in when I open a new jar. We then refrigerate the peanut butter so that we don’t have to mix it before each use. I’m avoiding suspect ingredients like hydrogenated oils and mono & diglycerides in exchange for having to stir the peanut butter jar for like 30 seconds. Done. Sold. Yes, please.

As you think about your peanut butter jar and how hard it is to remove that greasy film from the jar think about what it might look like on your insides. Our stomach acids will be able to break down that greasy film, but I would much rather my stomach acids concentrate on breaking down nutrients for absorption rather then cleaning up a greasy filmy mess.

Always read the list of ingredients. Know what is in your food. Like GI Joe said “knowing is half the battle.”