“Mother may I have more smoothie?”

By | June 9, 2015

Says my 15 year old kid who whines when presented with avocadoes to eat.  He will eat them because he is required to but he will sneer and complain the entire time.

Quintin drinking avocado smoothie

Well, this is Quintin eagerly slurping down a smoothie that contained…..avocado!

Sadie avocado smoothie
And this is Sadie (Quintin’s sister who loves avocado…I have been feeding it to her since she was 6 months old…but currently refuses to eat it likely due to watching her brother complain and sneer) happily eating the smoothie containing avocado!

So how did I accomplish this?  Well I simply made our typical smoothie and added an avocado and then neglected to tell them the ingredients.

I have added chia seeds (yes the pottery that grows is an extraordinary health food!), ground flax seed and wheat germ to smoothies and they gobble it up.  You can add anything you want to a smoothie and usually the kids will not notice.  Some people add raw eggs and even cod liver oil (for me these two items are a work in progress but I will get there one day!).

In order to successfully hide the less desired foods in a kids smoothie you have to make an exceptional smoothie.  My kids and I have been consuming smoothies for about 10 years and this is my perfected recipe.

1 cup plain yogurt
1/4-1/2 cup juice or kombucha
1.5-2 cups frozen berries or fruit
and then add anything else you like:  fresh fruit, chia seeds, sweet potato, anything you want to try just throw it in there
Blend contents in blender until smooth.  This will make 2-3 servings.

And here are some tips:

1.     I prefer to use raw yogurt but at present I am unable to find a farmer to purchase this from so my only option for raw yogurt is to make it…that is going to take me a long while, okay many years.  I did find a brand of yogurt, Seven Stars, that is pasteurized (not raw) but is from the next state over (almost local?) and is a beautiful yellow color and so is acceptable to me.  I also recommend not using Greek styled yogurt.  Although I do purchase Fage in a bind I find that a lot more juice is needed to make the blender work.  Essentially I am adding sugar (yes juice has a lot of sugar) in place of the fat (Greek styled yogurt has no fat) thus compromising the healthiness of my smoothie.

2.     I use frozen fruit because it makes the drink a thicker consistency (like how ice is used for frozen margaritas, I am sure you are all familiar with that!).  I started making smoothies using conventionally grown frozen fruit and found that I also had to add sugar because the berries had little to no taste and the smoothie was too sour for me and my son.  Then I switched to frozen organic berries and wowie zowie the taste went from mhhh to delicious with no sweetener needed.  Last year I froze berries from my mother’s blueberries bushes and strawberries I purchased at my favorite local farm stand, Riverside Farms on Rt. 7 in Bainbridge, NY.  I cannot find organic frozen berries to purchase less than 35 miles away since moving back to upstate NY.

Experiment and have fun.  You can make a very small batch of smoothie at first if you are timid.  I am sure you could also add things like peanut butter, vanilla extract, etc. to your smoothie and it will be delicious.  I used to add coconut oil but it hardens and clumps due to the coldness of the berries.  It is all trial and error.

Be well & enjoy 🙂