Grace’s weight management tips

By | September 19, 2013
  1. Commit to a life-long change.  When the focus is on improving one’s health for life, the body will eventually achieve and maintain a weight range that is healthy for you and only you.
  2. Change your mind set:  eating fat does not make you fat, carbohydrates are not the enemy (after all vegetables & fruits are carbohydrates) & humans are designed to experience fluctuations in weight  daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Health and nutrition should not be defined by numerical values but  rather by how we feel and look.  An overweight person can be very healthy and a typical weight person can be terminally ill.
  3. Eat a variety of whole foods daily, and eliminate/reduce processed foods from your diet.  Whole foods are foods in their natural form such as vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, nuts, etc. that are consumed either raw, cooked or fermented!  Processed foods are manufactured in a factory and generally contain ingredients that allow them to sit on a shelf for years without spoiling.  There are examples of bad choices of whole foods and good choices of processed foods.  Find the balance that is right for you.
  4. Read the list of ingredients.  The most important information on a food label is the list of ingredients.  That’s probably why it’s in the smallest font.
  5. It’s okay to be hungry.  I am by no means promoting an anorexic lifestyle, but it is okay to feel hungry now and then.  This is the first time in human history that an abundance of food is available all year round for some peoples (us).  Our bodies are programmed to store excess dietary energy for use during the periods of very little to no food.  Our cells need the opportunity to use that stored excess dietary energy.
  6. Adequate sleep, stress reduction /management tools, exercise and high quality nutrient dense foods are all equally important for optimal health and proper weight management.
  7. Be flexible and kind to yourself.  We are surrounded by processed foods and some of them do taste great!  A Coca-Cola from Mexico is one of my favorite treats.  You don’t have to eliminate anything from your diet unless you want to, but if it’s a processed food it should be a treat that is consumed a few times a year.  Enjoy and love everything you eat.  If a food is healthy yet you don’t like the taste, don’t eat it!  If you fall off the wagon, just hop back on forward facing when you’re ready.