Ebola hysteria, a Grace Benkovitz commentary

By | October 16, 2014

It is October 2014 and the current media frenzy is Ebola. It has just recently arrived in the US and there has been one fatality in the US and per The Wall Street Journal, 4,400 worldwide. The media has successfully terrorized US citizens and many are now afraid to fly on airplanes. Facebook is amiss with fear, hysteria and the demand for a vaccine. Meanwhile US citizens continue to dine on edible foodlike substances, sit around, stress out and not sleep well.

So why have many people recovered from Ebola? What makes one person succumb to a painful death while others are able to win the fight? In my humble opinion, it likely has to do with the individual’s immune system, nature’s vaccine. The immune system becomes stronger when one eats real food, moves their body…a lot…, manages stress appropriately, sleeps adequately and gasp gets sick and recovers. The immune system is weakened by consuming edible foodlike substances, living a sedentary & stressed out life, from inadequate sleep and underuse.

A healthy lifestyle not only promotes longevity and a high quality life, it also gives us the best preparation possible for the next inevitable outbreak.