ditch the dew and Do The Booch!

By | March 14, 2016

I teach Kombucha Brewing Klasses and they have been a smashing success mainly because the klass participants are so fabulous. They bring much good energy and positive vibes into my life and at the end of each klass the world is ten to twenty fermenters richer! Inspired by this energy, I thought I’d write about this lovely fermented tea Kombucha dubbed the immortal health elixir.

Grace making Kombucha

I am a big advocate of consuming several fermented foods daily. Food, sleep, exercise and stress management are the foundations of optimal health. And consuming fermented foods is the roof for these foundations. They provide protection from environmental foes. I don’t believe a human can reach their full optimal health potential without including fermented foods in their diet. Every culture on earth has been fermenting foods for thousands of years.

Kombucha can be one of the most delightful introductions to fermented foods. It is bubbly, perfectly tangy and can be flavored with virtually any fruit, herb or spice. Kombucha has experienced a revival here in the US since the 1990’s and can be found in every health food store, major grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Wegman’s and I hear it is even sold at Wal-Mart. GT’s is the most widely available and popular brand, but there are other exceptional Kombucha brands like Kevita.

Some of the health benefits of Kombucha include:

  1. removes toxins from the body thus reducing the work load of the liver and pancreas
  2. prevents cancer (this is how GT’s Kombucha was born)
  3. prevents and treats arthritis and gout
  4. improves digestion / treats constipation
  5. prevents and treats acid reflux
  6. prevents and treats candida overgrowth
  7. stabilizes mood
  8. treats depression and anxiety
  9. strengthens the immune system
  10. provides a wealth of B vitamins, enzymes, bacteria, yeasts and acids
  11. reduces sugar and alcohol cravings

If you are new to fermented foods and Kombucha I recommend starting out slow by consuming just two ounces followed by a glass of water. Kombucha will get things going that might not have been going for a while and too much, too soon can cause discomfort. When you can easily consume two ounces increase your consumption by another two ounces, followed by a glass of water. Continue increasing the amount until you are drinking 8-16 ounces per day, the exact amount will vary per person.

Be Well and Love the Earth,


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