Chobani denies food recall – assures us that less than 1000 people sickened by tainted product!

By | September 5, 2013

My first food recall report and surprisingly so close to home as Chobani’s headquarters are less than 30 miles away from my residence.  Chobani claims that 5% of its product was affected and that they voluntarily took the product off the shelf, but don’t call it a recall.  Chobani says a mold common to dairy is to blame and the issue has been addressed and resolved.  They are offering a refund to consumers (however at the time of print their website was not accessible to view the refund information) and say that the consumer complaints of exploding, bloating, runny, bad tasting & fizzing yogurt were not in the hundreds or thousands.  They have also asked consumers to email them privately with product complaints rather than air their woes on Facebook.