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ditch the dew and Do The Booch!

I teach Kombucha Brewing Klasses and they have been a smashing success mainly because the klass participants are so fabulous. They bring much good energy and positive vibes into my life and at the end of each klass the world is ten to twenty fermenters richer! Inspired by this energy, I thought I’d write about this lovely fermented tea Kombucha dubbed the immortal… Read More »

Weedin’ out

Picture this, Guilford, NY, July 1, 2013…my two-year-post-baby-body was a size six with a hefty muffin top.  Due to circumstance (my family moved in with my mother as part of our financial wellness program with the intent to raise a house next Spring) I found myself weeding the garden several times a week, sometimes for hours… Read More »

Grace’s weight management tips

Commit to a life-long change.  When the focus is on improving one’s health for life, the body will eventually achieve and maintain a weight range that is healthy for you and only you. Change your mind set:  eating fat does not make you fat, carbohydrates are not the enemy (after all vegetables & fruits are… Read More »