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Take the Stress out of Food

A few weeks ago I held a water kefir grain contest with my Optimal Health Warriors email subscription group. I learned from the contest that many of you struggle with changing your eating habits and that your stress is out of control. So over the next few weeks, I will give you a step-by-step guide… Read More »

My peanut butter jar cleans easy.

This is what my peanut butter jar looks like after soaking in just plain water overnight and then rinsing with plain water. Does your peanut butter jar usually have a greasy film that is nearly impossible to wash off with soap? Have you ever thought to yourself This peanut butter jar is so hard to… Read More »

ditch the dew and Do The Booch!

I teach Kombucha Brewing Klasses and they have been a smashing success mainly because the klass participants are so fabulous. They bring much good energy and positive vibes into my life and at the end of each klass the world is ten to twenty fermenters richer! Inspired by this energy, I thought I’d write about this lovely fermented tea Kombucha dubbed the immortal… Read More »

Five tips to survive the holiday feast(s)

Most articles will tell you to count calories, eat less fat, take smaller portions, (or my favorite…) wear tight clothing to shame yourself into not eating, chew gum, don’t skip meals and on and on. Not only are these tips a really boring way to celebrate holiday parties and gatherings which always involve food, they… Read More »

real unprocessed snacks

An administrative assistant by trade, a wellness writer by choice and don’t forget a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, gardener, aunt and farmer am I!  I know most of you fill similar roles and more.  So it’s understandable how the convenience of a vending machine is a luring way to get something down your gullet… Read More »