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ditch the dew and Do The Booch!

I teach Kombucha Brewing Klasses and they have been a smashing success mainly because the klass participants are so fabulous. They bring much good energy and positive vibes into my life and at the end of each klass the world is ten to twenty fermenters richer! Inspired by this energy, I thought I’d write about this lovely fermented tea Kombucha dubbed the immortal… Read More »

Ebola hysteria, a Grace Benkovitz commentary

It is October 2014 and the current media frenzy is Ebola. It has just recently arrived in the US and there has been one fatality in the US and per The Wall Street Journal, 4,400 worldwide. The media has successfully terrorized US citizens and many are now afraid to fly on airplanes. Facebook is amiss with… Read More »

Chicken soup, nature’s NyQuil

Chicken soup contains immune system boosting properties.  As an anti-inflammatory, chicken soup can sooth sore throats and ease the misery of colds and the flu. Include chicken bones when making the broth for added minerals and nutrients.  What a tasty source of calcium! Traditional cultures add the chicken feet when creating the healthiest, best tasting broths.  

You Give Me Fever!

I am not referring to the Madonna cover song but rather one of the immune system’s fascinating methods of killing foreign invaders;  The Fever.  As you all know a fever is an elevated body temperature.  It is also an indication that something strange is brewing in your body and usually a sign that your immune… Read More »

Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-6 overload?

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids because the human body cannot manufacture them.  They must be obtained from dietary sources. Essential fatty acids are building blocks for hormones involved with immune function, blood clotting, cell growth and cell membranes.  Fatty acids are also crucial for normal brain function and growth & development. … Read More »