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Real Unprocessed Cleanse

This morning I’m doing a cleanse, a real unprocessed food cleanse.   I strive to incorporate this cleanse into my life 5 days a week.  My cleanse of choice is a big salad.  My big salad today contains baby mixed greens, red pepper (I love the sweetness it adds to salad), red onion, avocado, portabella… Read More »

Quality mastication leads to good health.

Good mastication skills are required for optimal health.  Mastication is the act of chewing, as in your food…the very beginning of digestion and an essential (seemingly lost) art. Good mastication stimulates salivation.  Saliva mixes with food and forms a bolus making the journey down the esophagus a slippery and smooth ride.  Saliva also contains the… Read More »

Eating fat is not what’s making us fat!

  There are countless bags of candy that print Fat Free! in bright, bold letters on the front of the package. But take a look at the list of ingredients and you’ll probably find the item to contain many different forms of refined, simple sugars.  And you might be alarmed at the amount of ingredients that you… Read More »