Blueberry crop – devastated by human neglect, demolished by lawn mower

By | September 16, 2013

I started my first farming endeavor with blueberry bushes.

After two years of total human neglect and an unfortunate meeting with a very powerful brush hog type mower (my brother could not see the bushes due to my neglect and mowed down about 6 of them) my bunch of blueberry bushes ended up looking like this.

blueberries devestated

This summer I decided that I was not going to fail at my first farming attempt and began to weed all of the bushes.  And to my surprise they are still alive, even the bushes that I was sure had lost their lives to the mower as well as the one that my cousin’s husband, Fred Seltzer, stepped on a few years back and seemingly killed…

blueberries saved

This is what my blueberry bushes look like now (those are coffee grinds for acidic soil, blueberry bushes love that).  Proud farmer am I!