real unprocessed snacks

An administrative assistant by trade, a wellness writer by choice and don’t forget a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, gardener, aunt and farmer am I!  I know most of you fill similar roles and more.  So it’s understandable how the convenience of a vending machine is a luring way to get something down your gullet […]


The tuna fish exhibits a sleek & strong design which allows for some very fast travel over very long distances.  For example, a tuna fish that calls the Gulf of Mexico home will travel to the European Coast of the Atlantic Ocean to feed and then back to the Gulf of Mexico to hatch young.  […]

Real Unprocessed Cleanse

This morning I’m doing a cleanse, a real unprocessed food cleanse.   I strive to incorporate this cleanse into my life 5 days a week.  My cleanse of choice is a big salad.  My big salad today contains baby mixed greens, red pepper (I love the sweetness it adds to salad), red onion, avocado, portabella […]

Deck Your Health with Pomegranate

You might be most familiar with pomegranates and their ornamental role in the American holiday season.  The pomegranate, also known as fruit of paradise in Arabic and Hebrew, has been revered by cultures for many a millennium.  The pomegranate has often been depicted in ancient art and literature and is a holy symbol in Judaism, […]

Quality mastication leads to good health.

Good mastication skills are required for optimal health.  Mastication is the act of chewing, as in your food…the very beginning of digestion and an essential (seemingly lost) art. Good mastication stimulates salivation.  Saliva mixes with food and forms a bolus making the journey down the esophagus a slippery and smooth ride.  Saliva also contains the […]

Chicken soup, nature’s NyQuil

Chicken soup contains immune system boosting properties.  As an anti-inflammatory, chicken soup can sooth sore throats and ease the misery of colds and the flu. Include chicken bones when making the broth for added minerals and nutrients.  What a tasty source of calcium! Traditional cultures add the chicken feet when creating the healthiest, best tasting broths.